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Winter Formal Introduction

   Overall, Winter Formal holds great significance for students as a special occasion to dress up, socialize, celebrate the season, and create lasting memories. The excitement surrounding the event stems from its unique ambiance, the anticipation of fun-filled activities, and the chance to experience a magical night of elegance and joy with friends and classmates. From smile-inducing holiday decorations and delicious festive snacks to captivating dances and unique attire, attending a winter formal is sure to be an unforgettable night that you will cherish for years to come.


Significance and Excitement of Winter Formal:

1.Formal Occasion: Winter Formal provides students with the opportunity to dress up in formal attire, such as elegant dresses and suits, creating a sense of glamour and sophistication.

2.Socializing and Connections: The event brings students together, fostering social connections and strengthening friendships. It offers a festive atmosphere where students can interact, mingle, and create lasting memories with their peers.

3.Celebrating the Season: Winter Formal embraces the charm of the winter season. It allows students to immerse themselves in a winter wonderland ambiance, with themed decorations and an enchanting atmosphere that adds a touch of magic to the event.

4.Memorable Moments: Winter Formal offers a chance for students to create unforgettable memories. From dancing to live music or capturing fun moments in photo booths, the event provides an array of activities that contribute to the overall excitement and joy.

5.Sense of Anticipation: The anticipation leading up to Winter Formal is palpable. Students eagerly plan their outfits, arrange dates, and anticipate the festivities, heightening the excitement and making it a highly anticipated event on the school calendar.

6.Rite of Passage: Winter Formal often serves as a rite of passage for students, marking an important milestone in their academic journey. It symbolizes personal growth, transitions, and cherished memories associated with their high school or college experience.

7.Cultural and Traditional Significance: Winter Formals are deeply ingrained in school culture and traditions. They provide an opportunity to uphold and celebrate the customs and rituals associated with formal events, creating a sense of pride and community within the student body.










   Students will be asked to dress in at least semi-formal clothing. Since it is winter, dark colors such as black, gray, and dark reds or blues are popular. Festive metallics like silver and gold also work for Winter Formal. We suggest sparkling attire for everyone. Think sequins, silver, beads, and glitter.






   Gym shoes, in general, are a big no-no for boys, and girls too.

   A suit is a great go-to outfit idea for guys because it's modern, easy to accessorize, and versatile. You can wear a sleek suit again and again to other events. There's no rule on whether you should wear a suit or tuxedo. The decision depends on what look you're going for. Suits are modern and easy to accessorize. If you're wearing a suit, you can match a bow tie or necktie with your look. A necktie feels more casual and effortless, while a bow tie dresses up the suit a bit more.

   Jeans or sweatpants are not considered proper attire, as they are definitely considered by most to be casual. Definitely do not wear shorts, or any sleeveless tops, as this is considered to be rude.





1.The neckline of a dress, top, or gown must be cut in a modest way without showing cleavage. Spaghetti straps or strapless dresses are allowed, as long as they are not low cut.

2. The cut of a dress in the back and sides must not be cut below the naval (below your elbow).

3. A dress, skirt, or gown must be longer than mid-thigh.

4.  Slits in a dress/skirt may be no higher than three (3) inches from the knee.

5. No navel is allowed to show.

6. Two piece dresses are allowed if the space between top and skirt is less than two inches. The top must not show any cleavage or have cut outs (halter top style).  Modesty is admittedly a subjective interpretation, but one which we have a duty to uphold. Students should therefore err on the side of modesty and formality and not put school administrators in the difficult position of upholding school standards.

   Having been specifically forewarned, we expect nothing less than full cooperation from students and their parents on this issue. We’ve provided examples to assist:


1. 裙子、上衣或礼服的领口必须适度裁剪,不可以过于暴露。细肩带或无肩带连衣裙是可以的,只要不是低切。







Discipline and Safety:

   This event will be chaperoned. What is a chaperone? Chaperones are responsible adults entrusted to supervise young people. At school dances, they are responsible for keeping things safe, appropriate and generally organized. Additionally, they can help students take memorable photos!

   Once tickets are collected, students may exit the gym only through the main gym doors. Students may not go outside during the dance. A student may leave early only if a parent arrives and escorts his/her child out of the dance or at the end of the event.

   Behavior that is rude, threatening, offensive or harmful will be reported and disciplined.  All school rules apply to students at the dances.